Baptism (Christening) and Confirmation

Baptisms and Christenings are the same thing! Baptism is the formal way of welcoming someone into the Christian faith, and into membership of God's family.
For adults baptism is on the basis of their own faith in God. For children it is on the basis of the faith and promises of their parents.
The clergy always welcome enquiries about baptism. If you don't attend already, please come to a 10:30am Sunday service at church, and introduce yourself at the end of the service.
Parents of children to be baptised will be invited to attend a preparation group (single session). Adults interested in being baptised and/or confirmed are invited to join an Emmaus course.
The Baptism service is usually taken on a Sunday afternoon.

Sunday Services

8am - Holy Communion
10:30am - 1st Sunday - Matins Service at Church and Informal Worship at the Church Hall
10:30am - 2nd - 4th Sundays - Holy Communion Service with Youth Church
10:30am - Occasional 5th Sundays - Worship for everyone at Church (no communion)
6:30pm - Evening Worship

Wednesday Service

10am - Holy Communion in the Church Hall Chapel followed by refreshments